Providing Companion Pets

Wags FAQ

What are the adoption fees?

Dogs and Puppies that Dogs and Puppies that
Age are spayed/neutered are not spayed/neutered
Under 1 yr $350.00 $250.00 + $100 Spay/Neuter deposit*
1 yr - under 4 yrs $300.00 $200.00 + $100 Spay/Neuter deposit*
4 yrs - under 6 yrs $200.00 $200.00 + $100 Spay/Neuter deposit*
6 yrs and over $150.00 $150.00 + $100 Spay/Neuter deposit*

Where is Wags located? / Where can I see the dogs?

We do not have a centralized physical location. All of our dogs are in foster homes.

Our mailing address is:

Wags Rescue & Referral
PO Box 1514
Southampton, PA 18966

We host weekly adoption events where you can meet many of our dogs in a single location. If you are unable to make it to an event, we may also be able to arrange for you to meet specific dogs by appointment with their respective foster homes. Individual meetings are only available to approved applicants.

How do I get my spay or neuter refund?

Once your dog has been spayed or neutered, please mail a copy of the proof of spay/neuter along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Wags Rescue & Referral
PO Box 1514
Southampton, PA 18966

  • Please note that it can take three to four weeks for the check to arrive.
  • You must send your proof of spay/neuter within 6 months of your adoption date.

How long is the adoption process?

Generally it takes five to seven days to process an application. However, this can vary depending on how long it takes to contact your references. Since it can take longer to reach people during the holidays and summer, there may be a greater delay during these periods.

We make every effort to process applications in a timely manner, but sometimes applications do get lost in the system. If you do not hear from us within a week of submitting your application, please email us at

How do you decide who gets a dog?

We believe that a good match between dog and home is essential to successful adoptions. Thus, when placing a dog, we try to find the family that is best suited to that particular dog's personality and needs. Wags does not operate on a first-come, first-served basis. If there are multiple qualified applicants for a dog, we strive to place that dog in the home that seems like the best fit.

Occasionally we receive applications from responsible, loving homes that are just not good matches for a specific dog. In such cases, we may decline the application not because we believe the home is unfit, but simply because it's not the right environment for that particular animal. We may suggest alternative dogs who would be more suited for that home.

Why do you charge a $25 application fee?

The application fee is in place to ensure that only serious adopters apply. Wags is a small, volunteer organization. All of us have jobs, families, and other commitments demanding our time. The application fee helps weed out frivolous applications and allows us to focus our efforts more efficiently.

Please bear in mind that the $25 application fee is credited toward the adoption fee. Subsequently, if and when you adopt from us, the application fee is essentially zero. Additionally, an approval remains valid for 90 days. If you change your mind about adopting a particular dog or that dog goes to another home, you do not need to re-apply on a different animal. The existing application will be valid for another dog as long as it's processed within 90 days.