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Albert / Donaghy

Hi Colleen & The wonderful volunteers at Wags Rescue, Just writing to say hey and express my gratiude to you and all of your volunteers for everything that your organization does. If people only knew the lengths you go to save precious lives. What an amazing and selfless group of people you are! We adopted Albert (who's name is now "Donaghy" Don-a-gee) about 3 months ago and he is an amazing dog! We wanted to thank you all again soo much for all the time and effort you all put in everyday to bring him into our lives. He has may new best freinds including his bestest friend (our French Bulldog) Lemon. He is a little dominate with bigger dogs (which we will be working with a trainer soon) but is GREAT with people and GREAT with small dogs. We hope that once we have his minor issues under control we might possibly be able to foster a small dog. We'll keep in touch. We would love share these pictures with you so you can all see how happy he is what you've done by giving him a second chance. Words cannot express our graditude. Thank you again, Your efforts mean more than you could ever imagine. Kim Kopman & Family