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I adopted Sonny back in December of 2009 and I wanted to give you an update.

For the most part Sonny is very happy and is now learning some Rally exercises and will most more than likely start his Rally career as soon as next year. He did not seem to like the agility thing especially after the first time he got on the teeter in my yard without permission and it MOVED!!! Despite Annie's best efforts to demonstrate that this was how it worked he would never go on it again,

We do the Rally training after he eats each of his meals. He knows now to run to the laundry room because he knows that is where we do the training. Yuo should see the smile on his face when he KNOWS he has done an exercise correctly and waits for his treat. he can now do Finish Left, Finish Right, Sit/Walk Around, Down/Walk Around. We still need to work on loose leash walking and those left turns, left pivots.

We now live in Allentown. Sonny has his Lifetime licensce and is mircochipped. These things have come in handy a few times on a few of this escapades. While I have a fenced in yard he has figured out that he can climb the shorter portions of the fence to get away. Now I take him out on a long lead to potty. Knock on wood there have been no escapes for quite a while now. On the plus side I have met quite a few neighbors through Sonny. And also it is lucky that I live in a dog-loving neighborhood. I think that Sonny is starting to learn that running away is futile as no matter where he goes he ends up back with me.

I know why he runs away though. It is because when I take him out my Lab Annie starts to bark in his face, as if to say "haha I can run around the yard and you can't". He always looks up at me saying "And you wonder why I run away".

Anyway thought I would let you know that Sonny is doing well and everyone loves his ears!!!

Janet Frank